I offer assessment and therapy for low mood, excessive sadness and depression.

Everyone has bad days, but more than half of us will experience symptoms of depression severe enough to affect our lives. Depression can vary from mild features through to a very severe situation where the person can no longer do everyday things.

People can experience depression in many different ways, but probably most people talk about low mood, sadness or feeling 'blue'  Other typical signs include physical symptoms (feeling very tired, trouble sleeping, lacking in energy), negative thoughts (difficulty thinking straight, poor concentration, thinking negatively about current life and the future), and changes in behaviour (not getting on with friends and family, not going out or doing fun things, staying in bed).

There is no single cause of depression - it can run in families but is not always inherited. People are more likely to suffer from depression if they have been abused or bullied, or if someone has died, or if they find it difficult to make friends.  Depression can also be a reaction to a life event, such as a relationship ending, families breaking up, or failing exams.

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