I offer assessment and treatment for excessive anger.

Everyone gets angry at some point - it is a normal, healthy, human reaction.  Sometimes anger is very helpful, telling us that things need doing and spurring us on to act.  When anger gets out of control, either by 'acting it out' or 'sitting on it', it can cause problems in relationships, at work and in all areas of everyday life.

Angry feelings can range from a 'bit miffed' to an explosion.  These feelings come with changes in our bodies, such as increased heart rate, blood pressure and hormone levels.  Anger can be set off by a number of different things, for example a cross word from your partner, the train being delayed, or remembering things that have happened to us in the past.

Anger management is about teaching a person about the skills to become more aware of their anger and how they can use their anger in positive ways.  It also teaches them ways of calming down their body's reaction to angry feelings.  Anger management is about a person taking control of their anger and needs them to be willing to try out different ways of responding to what makes them angry.

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